Coloring will give the face expressiveness, try our shaping proposition.
tinting + shaping

25 zł

45 zł

Tinting will make your lashes look fuller, longer and beautiful.
eyelashes tinting

45 zł

Set: enhance the clarity of your face by matching color and shape of you eyebrows & lashes.
tinting & shaping

75 zł

Serum and algae occlusion will moisturize sensitive skin, brighten dark circles, reduce wrinkles.
collagen eye pads
eye lift
microneedle mesotherapy

40 zł

150 zł

180 zł

Our recommended method is manual feather / micropigmentation. Adjustment included.
lower eyelid line
upper eyelid line

400 zł

550 zł

850 zł

Correction for asymmetry and filling gaps of lips pigmentation and highlight their natural shape as well as intensificate their color.
lip contour
lip contour with shading
full lips

650 zł

850 zł

1100 zł

The face, neck and décolleté massage. A preventive effect. Massage keeps the skin and muscles supple and firm.
Japanese Cosmo lifting

110 zł

250 zł

260 zł

Safe and painless ear piercing. The price includes hypoallergenic earrings made of surgical steel.
ears piercing

90 zł

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