A treatment for dry, dehydrated skin with the first signs of aging. As a result, the treatment is more and more moisturized and taut.

express treatment

hyaluronic acid

vitamin C

150 zł

230 zł

230 zł

Depending on the skin problem: ozone, creamy mask, ultrasonic exfoliation. The treatment cleanses and makes the pores narrower, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands.

green clay

creamy mask/acids

ultrasonic exfoliation

210 zł

230 zł

250 zł

Protects and strengthens the natural skin barrier consisting of the calloused outermost layer and the sebum on the surface of the skin.

skin with capillaries

algae mask

recover touch

220 zł

250 zł

290 zł

Firming, lifting and biorevitalization of the skin, strong biostimulation, speed cell regeneration.

serum + mask

biostimulating scrub

PQ Age with kojic acid

240 zł

330 zł

360 zł

Removing dead skin cells, cleansing, reduction of wrinkles and scars, reduction of discoloration.

mandelic ac. exfoliant

face microdermabrasion

face + neck + décolleté

220 zł

250 zł

270 zł

Micro-punctures or ultrasound technology. Cell regeneration on face, neck and décolleté area. Skin stimulation to renew, producing collagen.

needle free mesotheraphy

microneedle mesotherapy

260 zł

280 zł

Oxygenation,detoxification, moisturizing, nutrition, alignment of skin color, improvement of the face oval.

CO2 active

260 zł

Choose an addition to the treatment: lip pads, sonophoresis or extend the treatment to the neck and décolleté area.

lip pads


+ neck & décolleté

40 zł

50 zł

60 zł

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